British people often talk about bits and bobs so this is a very useful phrase to learn.


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Apr 18, 2015 An informal term that stands for or means something else than its literal meaning; a shorter way to say a word or phrase.

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Audio (Californian English) Adjective.
Knees-up This one is slang for a lively party that often involves loud music and other hijinks.
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. British Dialects A Guide to the Rich Variety of English. . Softening focuses on reducing the vulgarity or offensiveness of the slang in the translated version of a source text. Urban Dictionary allows anyone to define a word, resulting in a constantly updated dictionary of English slang.


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American English and British English are two versions of English language.

In the earlier 20th century, the word bit was slang for a coin, and the word bob was slang for a shilling.

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