A deep friendship begins which soon turns into a romantic relationship.

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9 21. Globe Opinion. Feb 18, 2023 The desperation of controlling women&39;s urges and whims is the undercurrent of the story as the father&39;s concern and disapproval is echoed and magnified in a town&39;s frenzied desire to put an end to Elisa and Marcela&39;s relationship.

In 1885, Elisa and Marcela meet and form great friendship that grows into a forbidden love that they have to keep hidden.

. . The fascinating true story of a Spanish lesbian couple who tricked a priest into marrying them in 1901 gets a dull and clunky treatment.

This movie tells the story of the first same-sex marriage in Spain in 1901. .

They meet at the school where they both study.


In 1901, Marcela Gracia Ibeas took on the identity of Mario Snchez to marry her lover of fifteen years, Elisa Sanchez Loriga. .

What begins as a close friendship ends. Elisa and Marcela are young women when they meet at a (strictly Catholic) teacher-training college and grow to.

In 1901, set in Galicia, Spain, Elisa Snchez Loriga adopted a male identity to marry another woman, Marcela Gr.
Based on true events.

The child, Ana, is born in a Portuguese prison.


Elisa & Marcela. Elisa & Marcela is an underwhelming melodrama. .

(Yesterday Never Ends. . Date 2019. Movie Info. Mar 15, 2023 Based on the book Elisa e Marcela alen dos homes (2008) by Narciso de Gabriel. After that, the trail of the couple went cold for.

Marcela's parents are suspicious and send her abroad for a couple of years.

Elisa S&225;nchez Loriga (played by Natalia De Molina) and Marcela Graciela Ibeas (Greta Fernandez) were two women who got. Mar 15, 2023 Based on the book Elisa e Marcela alen dos homes (2008) by Narciso de Gabriel.


Marcela, under the alias of Carmen, stayed there with her sister and her daughter.


Sofa Alvarez Salas Cinencuentro.