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Before you begin Both your Kindle Fire tablet and your Amazon Fire TV must be connected to the Internet.

Jan 28, 2022 If your Westinghouse TV Remote is not working and not responding, turn on your Westinghouse TV. Voice support.

Wait for 5 minutes.

Hold your remote near your Fire Stick.

. Proceed to the next step. Clear the Fire TV App Cache and Data The Amazon Fire TV remote app might.


. Hold down the Select Play buttons together for 5 seconds to Restart the device. Press Mute and Select at the same time and wait to see 2 blinks.

Check HDMI Port & Extension Wire. Jul 4, 2017 There are only two ways to reset it via the System menu and via remote control button combination.


Mar 17, 2023 Disconnect the TV from the power outlet completely.

. Wait 5 seconds, then reconnect the power to the device.

You will have the best results if both devices are connected to the same home network. .

Power on both FireStick and your TV.


Remove the batteries from your remote.

Wait 60 seconds for setup to complete. If only your power button is working and no other buttons then chances are it i. .

2. Restart your Fire TV device and wait until "Cannot detect your remote" appears on-screen. . Press the Menu button 9 times. .

com2f7927432ffirestick-remote-not-working2fRK2RSUX38u9D9XASzmW2SYV3OypF4Pk- referrerpolicyorigin targetblankSee full list on howtogeek.

Turn on your TV manually or with its remote, then verify if the Firestick remote is working for the Firestick. If not, the problem might be with the remote.

If they are, replace them with new batteries and see if that fixes the issue.

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Set SONY soundbar sound to a comfortable level.

Press the Menu button 9 times.

Easy to set up, stays hidden - Plug in behind your TV, turn on the TV, and.