Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest Rewards.


The. Thats all there is to complete the Cursed Tomb.

In Hogwarts Legacy, there is a mysterious map under the old manor in Manor Glen.


. Find the treasure map in th. Mar 2, 2023 2.


Inside, head all the way north through the tomb and you'll reach a moth door puzzle. Thats all there is to complete the Cursed Tomb. .

. Feb 27, 2023 Hogwarts Legacy Tomb of Treachery location.

Feb 24, 2023 Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure.

Cast Levioso at bone piles and bring them to the skeleton totems to build a staircase to solve the puzzle and.

. Mar 2, 2023 2.

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Above the river leading towards Marunweem Lake.
On the right path, there are.

All Hogwarts.

Inside the tomb, you'll find a locked door that requires three moths to unlock; you can guide.

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To achieve this, travel to the Pointe du Manoir area, then fast travel to the Flame of Bainbourg. Image via Avalanche Software. . . . Screenshots.


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With seemingly random drawings detailing a spot where players can earn rewards, the treasure map can be hard.

This will trigger the start of the quest, where youll need to find an open chest in the basement of the Manor.

Use the Flipendo spell to turn the rocks over.